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The Uneasy Partnership That Will Change the World

By Handel Jones

From a leading global economic analyst, the definitive look at the costs and benefits of U.S. competition with China

The 2010 G-20 Summit highlighted mounting tensions between the United States and China. Indeed, in the war for economic supremacy, the escalation of the conflict between these two global superpowers appears to be both imminent and unavoidable. This perspective badly overlooks one vital fact: both nations are highly dependent on each other for the growth of their economies. While China is taking some steps to try to conform to pressures from the U.S., there are also strong indications that China is hardening its position in many areas. China is, however, operating with well-defined, long-term business and political strategies. The U.S., on the other hand, is lacking in long-term strategies on how to deal with China and how to build a strong and competitive industrial base that can provide positive balance of trade to counter the large deficits that are created through overconsumption.

In Chinamerica: The Uneasy Partnership That Will Change the World (McGraw-Hill Professional; July 16, 2010; HC, $27.95), Handel Jones, a leading expert on China’s industrial and economic emergence, analyzes the activities of China in building its industrial base, which is highly dependent on exporting to the U.S. and other developed countries. China has already adopted many of the wealth-building concepts that made the U.S. successful in the past. They are not only emulating American successes but surpassing the U.S. in building new industries and creating employment.

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