Chinamerica and Handel Jones in the News

China Daily
October 7, 2014
China needs a semiconductor industry

August 20, 2014
China Wants to Be No. 1

August 8, 2014
9 Peaks From the Flash Summit

April 4, 2014
20nm Dilemma Explained

March 27, 2014
FinFETs Not the Best Silicon Road

Wall Street Journal
July 23, 2013
Startup SuVolta Shows Speed Gains on ARM Chips

May 24, 2013
Global FDSOI ecosystem rising

Wall Street Journal
December 31, 2011
China shifts foreign-investment focus

China Daily
November 29, 2011
Borrow and forget tomorrow

China Daily
August 8, 2011
The China dilemma for U.S.

China Daily
June 21, 2011
Why the U.S. is not recovering

Wall Street Journal
June 5, 2011
Helping chips to sip power

EE Times
April 13, 2011
Watch out for foundry glut!

China Daily
March 22, 2011
Japan needs to look to the future

China Daily
September 10, 2010
Economy of brawn and brain

China Daily
August 3, 2010
Partnership holds key to future

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